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Broken garage door springs pose safety hazards and leave your garage unusable.

PT Doors provides fast, reliable, and professional garage door spring repair and replacement services across Sydney.

Restore your garage door’s functionality and ensure safe operation.

Garage door springs are essential components that bear the weight of your door. Over time, they experience wear and tear and can eventually break. When springs fail, your garage door may become inoperable or dangerous to use. Our experienced technicians understand the complexities of garage door springs.

We carefully assess the issue, provide transparent repair or replacement recommendations, and use high-quality parts for reliable, long-lasting solutions.

Don’t attempt DIY spring repairs – trust the professionals at PT Doors for safe and efficient service.

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Very fast response to our urgent service need. Immediate quality permanent repair with replacement parts in the service vehicle. A friendly and efficient business.
Alan Barry
Jul 2024
I was very pleased with the way they installed my garage door. They were very friendly and professional. Thank you.
Glenn Corley
Jun 2024