When was the last time you conducted a maintenance check on your garage door? Does it sound like too much work? Did you know that most home owners take their garage door for granted?

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. Neglecting regular maintenance on your garage door opener could potentially cause severe injury to family members. This means it not only needs to be installed correctly, it needs to be maintained so it functions safely and smoothly.

Garage door maintenance is also linked to the life of your garage door. Maintaining your garage door extends the life of the garage door so it continues to provide you with efficient and effective functioning—and adds value to your home.

You may not realise that carrying out regular garage door maintenance and servicing is a necessary commitment for the warranty. Regular servicing is a small price to pay to keep this warranty valid.
The outcomes of a malfunctioning garage door are not just inconvenience; they can also be linked to death and injury to you or your loved ones, as well as lack of safety for your car and access to your home.

Research on garage door maintenance

PT Doors conducted some research recently just because they care. The stats were interesting.
• 71% of homeowners, who have a garage, use the garage door as the primary point of entry into their home.

So what I can hear you say?

Well, it is because of the safety and security issue to your home and your family. A malfunctioning garage door is a threat to safety and leaves your family home unsecured and your family unprotected.
Luckily, it is not a big job to do garage door maintenance—not if you do it regularly and know a few simple tricks.

Here is a quick guide on garage door maintenance 

• Washing of Garage Doors
Clean your garage door monthly by wiping it down with a soft cloth and clean water. If you live close to the sea, it is recommended that this be done more regularly, due to the salt content in the air.
Don’t use water around the automatic opener as it is electrical and you could receive a shock resulting in death or injury.

• Lubrication of Garage Doors
All moving products require some form of lubrication.
Lubrication is a key maintenance activity to preserving the life of your garage door.
Lubricating them every three months is optimal to preserving the life and performance of your garage door.

Clean the guide tracks and the internal areas with methylated spirits.
These surfaces need to be as free of dirt and as moist as possible so they can function smoothly.
It is important that you don’t use grease or oil on the guide tracks.
Sectional doors don’t need the inside of their guide tracks polished.

Clean the hinges.
If you have steel hinges, use an all-purpose machine oil to clean them.
If you have plastic hinges, use a silicon spray if they are tending to stick.

Clean the springs (if you have access to them).
Use an oily rag to wipe them.

Clean the opener chain.
Lubricate it with Chain Lube.

• Servicing of Garage Doors
PT Doors recommends that you get your garage doors serviced every 12 months with a professional garage door specialist. PT Doors are such specialist and pride themselves on working within the manufacturer’s specifications.

PT Doors place particular emphasis on springs and lifting cables. The tension at the spring must be checked to be at the correct level. Overtime, the springs will lose tension which means the door becomes difficult to operate or may stop working completely. Garage door manufacturers advise all garage door specialists to work to their specifications on spring tensions.

Lifting cables must be checked for wear, fraying or corrosion of the cables. These cables work under specific tension, and the manufacturer’s advice is that trained maintenance specialists carry out the servicing.

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