Can an eye-catching garage door really make a difference in terms of the curb appeal to a home? When you consider the fact that garage doors account for more than half the street frontage of a typical family home.

A number of reports indicate that a new and fully functioning garage door can make a significant difference in terms of a home’s aesthetic or curbside appeal. The findings in the recent Remodelling Cost vs. Value Report show that garage door replacement projects yield the most substantial return-on-investment in regards to recouping cost at resale. 

Garage door repairs and replacements are inexpensive as far as home improvements go, and for a home improvement that can be completed in less than a day they can really make a first impression. In a separate survey conducted by Stratamark Research, real estate agents nationally said that the replacement of garage doors on a home can increase its asking price by up to four per cent. And overall, smart exterior upgrades not only enhance curb appeal and perceived home value, they enhance energy efficiency a crucial factor for homebuyers seeking sustainable homes. 

Yet you don’t need to read studies or statistics to assess the true value of a garage door replacement. Just step back and take a look at a new garage door, beautifully presented and proficiently installed. This is when you see the appeal.

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