Whether you’re looking to enhance the quality and liveability of your home, or perhaps are preparing it for sale, it’s always a good idea to enhance the value of your home and property. 

Here are a few ideas about how to update your home, adding priceless value in the process:

  • Clean-ups and fixups: A thorough cleaning job and some minor repairs can do wonders for your home and its surroundings.
  • Renovations and additions: Whether you’re adding new rooms, or just adding fixtures and assets to enhance the look and functionality of your current living spaces, a single renovation or addition always add value to your home.
  • A new garage door. Given the fact that the garage door is among the largest and frequently used doors in the home, it makes sense that the addition of a new, eye-catching, fully motorised and functional garage door in turn will add immense value. 

Contact PT Doors today to add value to your home and property; thus ‘opening the door’ to an enhanced living and resale experience!