A classic car parked in the garage is very much like a jewel locked in a case. As a conscientious owner and collector, you know that in order to maintain the look, value and longevity of this priceless vehicle you must polish your ‘gem’ regularly.

What happens, though, when a regular regimen of cleaning and polishing a vehicle does not seem to render it free of dust and dirt even when you keep it stored in your locked garage? This may be due to the fact that even a closed and locked garage door does not translate to a sealed garage door. Regardless of how you clean and store your car, specks of dust and dirt, leaves and debris, might be seeping through your door to infiltrate your garage and, for that matter, soil the surface of your prized classic car. 

In your effort to preserve and protect your classic car, you need a garage door sealing system that works. And for these purposes, Cleverseal is the clever and effective choice. 

The Cleverseal COBRA is a garage door sealing system designed specifically for Roller & Sectional doors. This strong all in one system can be purchased as a kit, comprising the side jam seals, the head seal & the floor seal, or individually.

The sealing system enlists corrosion resistant extruded aluminium with a heavy duty brush seal to manage the elements blocking out the dirt and dust, the leaves and debris, as you protect your car and its ‘house’. The seal will accomplish what even a lock cannot; serving as a barrier and a blockade against those elements that could mar your classic car and its value.

PT Doors is proud to offer the Cleverseal COBRA garage door sealing system. For more information about this revolutionary system, one that can help you maintain the look and value of your classic car and other valuables, please visit our Cleverseal page.

Protect your classic with a clever solution, try Cleverseal today!