Fixing a garage door listed among home renovation projects you should leave to the pros.

CHOICE Magazine has identified the home renovations you should never do yourself, including fixing your own garage door.

While in isolation, many people are busying themselves with DIY projects. And while repainting a wall or building a bookcase is indeed a constructive way to pass the time, there are a few home improvement repairs that one should leave to the professionals up to and including garage door repair.

In Australia, it is even against the law to conduct electrical and plumbing tasks on your own accord; this owing to their level of danger or cost. The Australian consumer group CHOICE has specified garage door repairs among a selection of DIY home renovation projects you should never try on your own.

Only a licensed, qualified professional should complete these tasks; and at this time, it is still legal for a tradesperson to visit a home and perform essential repairs.

Fixing a roll-up garage door ranks no. 7 on CHOICE’s list of home repairs that do not translate well to DIY projects. A garage door is a high-powered home fixture consisting of many interlocked electrical components; not to mention a heavy and unyielding object that can be difficult to move and maneuver with any degree of safety and security. If you do complete a garage door repair safely, you may find yourself investing a great deal of money in the project, with less than optimum results. 

As opposed to taking on the repair of a garage door as a DIY project, approach the endeavor as a “leave it to the professionals” project. Contact PT Garage Doors today to arrange a service call.